Defender Trophy Cape 2019

Defender Trophy Cape 2019, Offroad Event

By Chris Bornman

We were fortunate to win the Defender Trophy Cape held at Baviaanskloof last year. We won it again this year (Addo National Park). The first prize was a set of 5 BF Goodrich tyres (last year and this year). We were named “Team #Vimblik” (don’t ask).

The event is very well planned, and although the entry fee seems steep, the prizes are fantastic. It would be good to see more CLRC members partaking. The fact that we accessed areas in the Greater Addo Reserve that are not accessible to the general public, made this years’ event all the more unique.

There were about 25 teams partaking in the event this year, some of them from the UK. It is not really a driving competition – we are issued with a sheet with between 30 and 50 GPS coordinates every day, with questions that you need to answer in between – about 20 questions per day – 3 full days. The winner is the team that gets the highest score out of 60. The questions mainly focus on the fauna and flora along the route (as an example – at a certain GPS coordinate – What type of tree is on your left hand side?). Also, questions about the area that we are in (e.g. what is the name of the river you are crossing) and then some Land Rover Defender questions in between.

When you have no cell phone signal and access to Google to search for information, it leads to some interesting conversations in the car en route! After each day, when you arrive at the designated campsite for the night, you hand in your questionnaire. And then, of course, there are the braai fires in the evenings, and socializing with like-minded Defender people from all over SA and beyond.  Each team must also have a mascot and we had the pink flamingo. We named her “Candice”! We also won a year’s supply of Mastertons Coffee – but that was a lucky draw!

The main sponsors are BF Goodrich, Superwinch (2nd prize), Madman (3rd prize) and then Pon Steyn Motors (who provided mechanical back-up and support), Mastertons Coffee, Mellvill & Moon, Spanjaard, Tracks4Africa, Outdoor Warehouse, Stone Accessories, Enertec battery systems, A&S Printers, and some others.



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